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Your Pleasure, Our Pain - The ethics of luxury


With Funding
Free / No Costs
Oslo, Norway


Applications are welcomed from artist, artisans, craftspeople, designers and all others whose interests and experience are relevant to the residency’s theme. -English is the common language at PRAKSIS and residents must be sufficiently fluent to participate in group discussion and activity. -Residents are expected to involve themselves fully in the work of the residency: joining discussions, participating in events and engaging with the resident community. -Accepting a residency involves a commitment to participation for the full residency term.

Number of Participants

Three places are available for international residents. Further places may be offered subject to securing support. Approximately four to six spaces are available to local residents. Selection will be based on the relevance of the application and the applicant’s ability both to gain from, and contribute to, the activities of the online residency. PRAKSIS aims to provide an environment for development and professional growth: applications are welcome from practitioners of differing ages and experience levels.


Selection Results (Announcement Dates)


August 12, 2024 - September 09, 2024


  • kr3,000.00 stipend (one-time)







Public Programs

Critique, Discussion, Group Dinners, Mentors, Professional Development, Readings, Round Tables, Workshops


Activists, Ceramics, Crafts & Trades, Design, Fiber Arts, Interdiscplinary Arts, Jewelry, Makers, Multimedia, Painting, Performance Art, Photography, Printmaking, Research, Sculpture, Thinkers, Visual Arts



Program Description

The luxury industry offers its consumers status, authenticity and integrity - the chance to meet aspirations of wealth and class and transcend identities. However, the reality of the industry is much darker. Luxury fashion alone contributes 4% of global carbon emissions (McKinsey, Fashion on climate report, 2020), the same amount of greenhouse gases as France, Germany, and the UK combined. Further to this the industry’s supply chains are notoriously opaque, with materials and production processes used by European luxury brands often involving child labour, hazardous working conditions and exploitation of people in the Global South. The residency sets out to research into, and raise awareness of, the urgent issues surrounding the luxury industry. It will also ask, what can be done to bring about change in the industry? It will consider the role that identity politics have on consumer behaviour and identify ways to increase consumer awareness.

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