Open Call

Rabbit Island 2023 Residency Program

Rabbit Island Foundation

With Funding
Calumet, United States


The Rabbit Island Residency is open to individual applicants worldwide. Small collaborative groups (2-3 people) may also apply for a single, shared residency. The minimum age requirement for all applicants is 21 years of age. The residency is open to visual artists of all disciplines, as well as writers, poets, architects, designers, musicians, filmmakers, composers, and choreographers. Due to the nature and location of the island, the residency is not handicap accessible and unable to accommodate applicants with mobility issues. Successful applicants will exhibit: • Familiarity with the program by way of research of our website • Residents are expected to be highly-motivated, independent, and capable of managing their own schedule in a remote environment. • Capability in the outdoors and have experience with camping, wilderness travel, boat handling, and first aid. • Ability to be in residence for a minimum of 14 days. • Practice of Leave No Trace ethics.

Number of Participants

Three supported residencies are awarded per summer period (June–September). Selected applicants will receive an unrestricted honorarium which they may use to facilitate research, cover travel expenses, and materials. Individual and small group (2-3 people) applications are accepted.


Selection Results (Announcement Dates)


June 12, 2023 - September 30, 2023


  • $3,000.00 stipend (one-time)


  • $20.00 application fee


Desk Space, Individual Studio, Installation Space, Library, Stage


Cabin, Kitchen, Live/Work, Nomadic, Tent


No meals


No languages listed

Program Description

Founded in 2010, the Rabbit Island Residency is a platform to investigate, expand, and challenge creative practices in a remote environment. By living and working on Rabbit Island residents engage directly with the landscape and respond to notions of conservation, ecology, sustainability, and resilience. With the idea that the intelligent organization and celebration of wild spaces is the most civilized thing we can value as society, the residency reflects on the continent’s four hundred year history of settlement and division of land. The island, an unsettled and undivided space, enables residents to present commentary on these ideas, creating creative interpretations and solutions to issues of global importance such as climate change and loss of natural habitat and pristine watersheds. For further award details, requirements, a comprehensive Application Guide, and FAQ are available at the application link.

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